I’m An Embedded Tinkerer

It’s like wizarding, but with no magic. Well, actually there is some sort of magic here: Magic Number, and circuits that I don’t really know how it worked.

Hello, the name is Aji. A mix of hardware and software guy. I love electronics, I also love low level programming, but I don’t love web programming that much (I know and can use some of webdev concept to build this Github Pages, though).



C · C++ · C# · Python · AutoHotkey · VHDL · Verilog

Version Control

Git · SVN

Version Control Platform

Github · Gitlab · BitBucket


vscode (my main) · Sublime Text · Notepad++ · SciTE · nano

Unit Testing

Catch2 · Google Test · CTest · FakeIt

Build Tools

make · CMake

Code Coverage

Gcov · Lcov


AVR family · ESP32 · ESP8266 · STM32 (F and L series)

Cloud Platform


Interest in Embedded

Ultra-Low Power · High Performance Computing · Wireless Communication · AI (not really into it)