About Me

Hi, my name is Rosmianto. I’m an Embedded Engineer.

I’ve always been fascinated by electronics since I was a kid, and I could see myself doing electronics for the rest of my life. I also love doing programming, embedded programming to be precise, but I don’t like web-development, by the way, I just couldn’t keep up with a dozen of new framework within 6 month!

My current interests in Embedded Systems are high-performance systems and Ultra-Low Power. I love squeezing every micro-amperes of portable devices! Oh, and I also have a strong interest in electronic measurement and instrumentation design.

I am an introvert with an INTJ personality if you care. I love cats but only if they don’t bite me!

A stray cat that I adopted: The name is Marmal (since he’s a Marmalade cat)

I write blog pretty much about anything related to electronics/embedded systems. But you will probably see me write about my projects and my thoughts more.