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Kecil2 Cabe Rawit (Small-small Chilli)

Yeah I know the title is absurd. But despite of my malformed english translation I really want to write an article about electronic projects as my future reference.

I wonder how people exploit the potential of this little device which seems to be very helpless. Today I browsed some of great projects which have done that.

1. DUO Tiny, is a portable computer which uses ATTiny as its core. I found this project on youtube and you really should check that out:

The same person also has built several other project like DUO Mega which is a CRT TV-based computer I think, and DUO Decimal which is a very minimalistic computer.

And yeah you should check his youtube channel as well, I think he has more videos you may like.

Okay, it’s pretty much it. Stay tuned for more updates as I continue to browse. See ya!

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